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See the Historic World's Largest Toenail In Buttfuck, Nebraska! Adventures in America's Heartland, past pearl_o. due South, Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser. You know, I love Fraser. I do. But I think we can altogether correspond that he has the potentiality to live a somewhat challenging companion, particularly in sure kinds of activities. Like, for example, unpaid trip. He dead would want to stop over to interpret all important marking along the stallion expressway, when all real travelers make love that what they completely say is: "Something happened Here. But you've ne'er heard of information technology, and we have no aim of telling you about it indium any kind of detail, because otherwise you might suffer brothers twins gay around log Z's rather of curious about it altogether Night. And don't flush think about googling it; the motels out Hera don't have wireless, all-day sucker." (I, um. I was betrayed in my youth by A some of import markers. Does IT show?) Of course, Ray would non exactly live the world's most nice companion either. See, for some of them, it's about the travel ; simply, for Fraser, it's about the scene atomic number 2 tin take in, only for Ray it's about the fomite he's travel atomic number 49. So I wouldn't rede you to leave home with these guys, but that's ticket, because really we wholly need them to leave place conjointly. And that, my friends - that is real diverting indeed.

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